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Winner of the Best Animated Short Oscar Pixar's For the Birds was written, storyboarded, and directed by the art director for Toy Story - Ralph Eggleston.
Animators at Pixar work with characters and scenes are modeled with Alias Wavefront's MAYA
"Alias Wavefront's MAYA software offers the best geometric modeling capabilities of any commercially available package," says Darwyn Peachey, Pixar's Vice President of R & D. "MAYA brings us the latest in geometric modeling technology, including Artisan and tools for polygonal modeling."

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Pixar Supervising technical director Oren Jacob explains "This film is far more complicated than Monsters, Inc. in that almost every shot involves some kind of simulation program or simulated movement. On average, there are more things going on per frame in this movie than we've done before by a pretty significant amount. Alias Wavefront MAYA was used to do element, set, and prop modelling. MAYA was also used for some shading, and many of the effects were based on MAYA particle systems"

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